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Iain Thomas


Chief engineer and owner Iain Thomas has been playing, engineering and producing music for over 30 years. His commitment to audio fidelity, creative engineering techniques and professional audio mixing and mastering keeps him at the forefront of audio engineering. With an easy-going yet experienced approach, he is dedicated to achieving an exclusive sound for each artist.


Iain is a musician whose passion for creating great sounding music drove him to create Soundtopia Studios in 2017. With a genuine commitment to delivering high quality mixes for artists from around the globe, he ensures an enjoyable creative experience for clients from start to finish. Iain approaches each project with the clear objective of building relationships with clients to gain a deeper understanding of the unique sound that each artist envisions for their music.


Life for Iain has revolved around music from a young age. He has played guitar in a few different bands and he spent a lot of his time playing, writing and recording music in his bedroom and friend’s houses. Because of this, Iain can particularly relate to independent artists, songwriters and “DIY engineers”.


Making Music


Polished To PerfectioN

I will professionally Mix and Master your song to Pro Level. 

Polished To Perfection: EQ, Harmonic Saturation, Multi-Band Compression, Reverb, Delay,Stereo Image, Autotune, Creative fx.


While working in the music industry is a great thing for many music lovers out there, this can 

be daunting for ...

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