I will professionally Mix and Master your song to Pro Level. Polished To Perfection: EQ, Harmonic Saturation, Multi-Band Compression, Reverb, Delay,

Stereo Image, Autotune, Creative fx.

1 Song



HQ Audio File 

1 Day Delivery

1 Revision

1 Song



HQ Audio File 

2 Day Delivery

1 Revision

EQ, Harmonic Saturation, Multi-Band Compression,

Reverb, Delay, Stereo Image, Autotune, Creative fx.



EQ, Harmonic Saturation, Multi-Band Compression,

Reverb, Delay, Stereo Image.

1 Song



HQ Audio File 

3 Day Delivery

2 Revisions

All our digital mastering systems will be used on

your project and delivered back ready for release.


Soundtopia faq
What is mixing?

Mixing is the process of combining a multi-track recording into a standard stereo track. When thinking of a production timeline, mixing comes after recording and before mastering, and it has tremendous effect on the sound of your song. 

More so than the use of a particular microphone, more than whether you added that one extra vocal layer or not, and much more so than mastering. A good mix will make your song pop out of the speakers, sound clear and polished and will complement the recorded elements of your song. A mediocre mix can make even a great performance sound muddy or mushy, make it lack urgency and clarity and sound like a demo or live recording.

how are songs mixed?

Mixing is the process of using tools like volume faders, compressors, EQs and reverbs to make the individual tracks of a song sound balanced and emotional. In other words, mixing is the process of making your recordings sound like a song instead of a collection of raw tracks.


During the mixing process a mixing engineer does three main things:

  • Balances the levels of the different recorded tracks, to bring out the important elements in each section and make the song feel cohesive.

  • Manipulates and enhances the sonic character of different tracks with the help of processors such as EQ and compression.

  • Adds creative effects such as delay, reverb, radio filter, vocal pitching, panning, distortion and others to make the song sonically interesting – ear candy. 


The mixing process can tighten up a vocal performance; make it sound present, loud, airy and beautiful. It can make an already recorded beat sound more or less aggressive, make a piano feel more emotional, make a whole song sound more indie or more pop. It can make a groove feel more groovy. These things are achieved using technical and creative psycho-acoustic trickery.  Mixing engineers are alchemists.  Song colourists. Their trade comes with years of education, practice and talent.

How long should it take to mix a song?

A very basic mix of a single vocal line and backing track may only take an hour or so, but a complex mix of a multi-track recording requiring many edits and automation of track levels, panning and effect parameters can easily take a full day or more.

What is the difference between mixing and mastering a song?

Mixing gives you access to every instrument in a song. The difference is that during mixing you're balancing individual instruments. During mastering, you're balancing complete songs and spectral content. Simply put, mixing makes instruments sound good together; mastering makes songs sound good together.

can you master an mp3?

Yes. We can master from an mp3 or video file, however we recommend using .wav or .aif files as the resolution is usually much better. If you only have access to mp3 or video versions we can still often achieve good results, but you will always get a better final master using high quality .wav or .aif files.


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