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While working in the music industry is a great thing for many music lovers out there, this can be daunting for independent artists: How do you stand out from this relentless wave of content? The answer is simple, yet it may sound complicated to achieve: You have to be the best.

Here are a few examples of audio mixing and mastering for customers


"4th song crazy fantastic as usual and easy-breezy to work with! Wish I lived in Scotland or Iain in the USA. (LOL) Love working together! Never makes me feel like it's a burden when changes need to happen. Uber professional he is... The tunes are poppin' and radio and all media ready!"

Joey Fulco  / United States

Wow, Iain is so good at reaching your target. When things aren't quite right he gets them right quick and is so patient. I can't thank him enough for persevering with me. Amazing result and I will be back.........if he will have me lol

Solar Frosty / United Kingdom

It was great working with Iain!! He's a PRO at what he does. I can tell he has years of experience, thank you so much for the fantastic work!

Christine Chan / Singapore 

Great engineer, good communication and really listens to your input. I can definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a solid, radio ready mix.

LyricGeorges / Netherlands

Making Music


Polished To PerfectioN

I will professionally Mix and Master your song to Pro Level. 

Polished To Perfection: EQ, Harmonic Saturation, Multi-Band Compression, Reverb, Delay,Stereo Image, Autotune, Creative fx.

Turn Table

Chief engineer and owner Iain Thomas has been playing, engineering and producing music for over 30 years. His commitment to audio fidelity and creative engineering techniques keep him at the forefront of audio engineering...

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